What makes the Cowgirl Junk Vest so comfy?

You may have heard me say it before...I had some dumb luck coming up with our first vest pattern.  God always gives you one!   I knew what I wanted as far as fit but not sure how to get there.  I just kept adjusting the pattern until one day it worked.

I wanted a vest that was form fitting but not stuffy.  Gals with big boobs shouldn't have to suffer. And I wanted to be able to move my arms and pitch my hand forward (I do ride reiners).  To top it off I wanted it long but flair out at the bottom to allow room for chaps.  

I believe we did it.   The arm holes are cut a little wider in the front than the back.  Even if you are not a reiner this fit is so comfortable you do not notice it on.  The princess seams front and back make the vest form fitting and accentuates the curves of the body.  The flair at the bottom rounds off the look.  

Now off to creating something new...