Just keep trying until you get it right...

I had dabbled in some show clothing designing in my younger years.  I made (or bedazzled) all of my show clothing as a youth kid.  I picked up back up three years ago.  I had tremendous dumb luck with our signature scoop neck vest pattern.  In just a few tries it was perfect.  That shouldn't happen in reality.  We then added a high neck vest and it never really kicked off.  So we stuck with what we knew and our customers were asking for.  

Fast forward a years.  A creative mind never shuts off so I was always thinking I want to add this and that.  These new additions didn't come as easy as that first one.  One failed attempt after another.  The worst part is on a few I thought I had it and had a couple hundred made.  Total discouragement.  There was a short time I put it down and didn't want to deal with another blow.  Oh....then add the criticism.  People can definitely be not nice and not helpful. Then one day I pulled up my big girl pants and dug back in.

When you see your ideas come to life it is so rewarding.  They are even better when you have struggled so hard to get there.  In garment making the slightest amount a fabric in the wrong place can destroy a unit.   I look at this newly refitted Bolero DIY vest and horsemanship top and just smile.  The materials are forgiving that they will fit most body types as if they were custom made.  They were designed with the rider in mind so they can move freely as they ride.  The arms are extra long on the shirt so they can be customized to fit perfect.  The vest has a beautiful sweep in the front that adds dimension to the look.  

If I had let the patterns lay I wouldn't be able to admire the vision I had come to life.  I think our customers will love it as much as I do.   Last night we sold out of the first small run within hours.  Don't worry...we will be making more!  I love being able to provide our customers with quality garments to fulfill their needs.  Moreso, I love the photos we get of them enjoying the garments.   

This has really been a journey for me.  And I wouldn't trade one minute!