• The Show Must Go On...

    It has been since 2019 that we had a Rodeo at Henderson's Arena.  The Corona-19 Pandemic put a damper on some of our activies.  Thankfully, The Rev...
  • How to Choose the Right Saddle Pad for Your Horse

    Saddle pads provide comfort to your horse and stability to your saddle. A horse’s back is not symmetrical, and a saddle pad can alleviate many fit problems. Luckily, saddle pads come in many varieties. They can vary by size, material, and shape. Saddle pads absorb as much pressure as possible for the horse. Additionally, the saddle pad dissipates heat to reduce overheating of your horse.
  • Long story short...

    Long story short.... This is a small family run business.  My father started it in 1969.  He was (is) a horse trader.  He realized that when he so...
  • Saddle Fitting 101

    A properly fitted saddle is a vital piece of equipment for any rider. Below, we will cover some basics for saddle fitting. However, always contact an expert when working with a brand-new saddle.
  • How to Choose the Right Western Bit for your Horse

    A bit is a tool for a rider to communicate and control her horse. Riders equip their horses with bits to control their horse from the saddle.
  • Do I Need a Helmet to Ride a Horse?

    Approximately 30% of horse-related injuries are head injuries. We know horseback riding involves a certain amount of risk, but many horseback riders wonder if wearing a helmet is a good idea. There are many reasons western riders consider going helmetless, including fashion, tradition, lack of safety concerns, or discomfort.

  • Best Cowboy Boots for Children

    Is your child following you around doing barn chores every day? It might be time for a footwear upgrade. Cowboy boots are a great footwear option for boys and girls in the barn. With many colors, styles, and sizes, there are lots of cowboy boot options.
  • 4 Show Clothing Items You Need for the New Year

    Welcome to Henderson's Western Store! Not only have we been in business for decades, but we have the best local western wear and horse tack store i...
  • How to Tie & Style a Wild Rag

    A wild rag is a square scarf, usually made from silk or a silk blend. It’s worn around the neck of a western rider. These lightweight scarves make the perfect accessory on cold days for warmth and hot days for protection and cooling. 
  • Chinks vs. Chaps - What to Wear for Each Event

    Horseback riders have worn leather leg protection dating back to the Spanish in the 1600s. The leather protected the rider’s legs from brush and cacti. What was once a simple protective item has now evolved into different styles made of many materials.
  • A Guide to Rodeo Events

    According to, more than 43 million people identify themselves as fans of ProRodeo, the world's largest and biggest rodeo! Many of them attend PRCA-sanctioned rodeos around the country annually. 
  • Why You Should Shop at Henderson's Western Store

    If you are a cowgirl looking for high-quality show clothing, look no further than Henderson’s Western Store. We offer a wide variety of show clothi...