• Western Holiday Stocking Stuffer Checklist

    Western lifestall stocking stuffs for the Cowboy on your list.  Better yet...all are under $50!
  • Roper vs Straight Cinch

    When it comes to western girths for your horse there are so many options!  The cinch for a horse dates back to 700 BC.  We would like to break down...
  • Dealer Spotlight - Weaver Leather

    High-performing products.  Exceptional customer service.  Treating others how we would like to be treated… These are just a few of the philosophies...
  • Best Horse Riding Boots for Children

    Buying shoes for your children for any activity can feel daunting. Finding the right comfortable fit can be difficult. When you buy different shoes for soccer, school, dress up, and any other activity they participate in, you may feel like you will break the bank, too! The worst part is that your child will likely grow out of the shoe in six months to a year.
  • How to Revitalize Old Leather (Saddles & Bridles)

    Saddles and bridles are made from materials that are meant to last. The easiest way to keep your equipment in good working order is to take care of it consistently. Keeping your leather goods clean and supple will significantly extend the life of your equipment.
  • Show Outfit Overwhelm? We’ve Got You Covered!

    It is your first competition, and you have no idea what to wear! It can be a problem for experienced competitors as well, but it does get easier as you go. When you are planning for your next show, always check the show’s specific rules. Each competition type and organization carry different rules. 
  • The Shank Bit – Is it Right for Your Horse?

    A shank bit is a type of leverage bit. The reins do not attach to the mouthpiece but attach below the mouth. Altogether, this rein attachment increases the pressure on the horse’s mouth.
  • From Worms to Winning

    I was looking for a new show horse and fell in love with this pretty sorrel mare.  She had the breeding I wanted to keep as a broodmare and looked ...
  • Deworming: Why Your Horse Still Might Be At Risk

    Rotational deworming used to be the best practice, but increasing deworming resistance is causing veterinarians and horse owners to rethink this practice. Worms cause weight loss, lethargy, colic, and eventual organ damage without proper management. But, as a horse owner, it can take some work to figure out the right deworming strategy. We’ve compiled a list of deworming best practices to help!
  • Horse Clipping 101

    If you have been in the horse world for a few months, you’ve probably already noticed clipping is controversial. Some horseback riders are die-hard clippers, while others will tell you it isn’t good for the horse’s coat. The reality is clipping can be a great tool for some horses and riders but isn’t for everyone. The horse, environment, weather, and level of activity all play a role in making the decision to clip your horse or not.
  • Founder in Horses: Signs, Prevention, + Treatment

    Founder, also known as laminitis, is a condition that affects horses' hooves. A horse’s hoof has an internal structure supporting the bones within the hoof capsule referred to as laminae. 
  • The Snaffle Bit: Is It Right for Your Horse?

    A snaffle bit is one of the most common simple bits you can find.  This is for a good reason; a snaffle is very gentle on the horse's mouth. It sits comfortably in the horse's mouth in the rear opening between its top and bottom teeth. You can also use rubber lip guards to prevent pinching of the lips.