• Top 5 Horse Podcasts

    As a horse lover, getting your fill of horses is hard when you can’t get to the barn. We love our horse books, but what about podcasts? No matter what kind of riding you do, there will surely be a great podcast to tune into while working from home or driving in the car. Listening to equestrian podcasts is a great way to tap into horse knowledge worldwide!
  • Cool Your Jets - Sports Medicine Boots

    Sports medicine boots protect your horse’s legs from impact with other legs or objects and prevent over-stretching tendons. They are designed to absorb the impact as the horse’s hoof hits the ground, minimizing the chances of injury to the tendon and ligament.
  • It's a Cinch - Choosing the right girth

    A girth or cinch keeps your saddle secure while keeping your horse comfortable during your ride. Picking the right girth or cinch for your horse improves comfort and performance, so it is worth finding the right one. With many factors to consider, we’ve outlined some of the more critical considerations for choosing the right girth. 
  • 5 Amazing Midwest Horse Camping/Trail Riding Sweet Spots

    Horse camping is a fantastic experience for you and your horse. Not only do you get to see and explore new places, but you can also expand your travel area and the length of your trip by camping.
  • Using Your Barn Time To De-Stress

    Stress is everywhere in today’s culture.

    It’s a sad statement, but most people live with a certain stress level daily. 

    There have been numerous studies about horses and reducing stress.

  • 7 of the Best Horse Movies and Shows on Netflix

    A love for horses spans more than just your time in the barn. Most horse lovers find their passion spills over into their vehicles, home decor, reading material, and favorite movies. Though your non-horsey friends may not understand this obsession, we do!
  • Horses + Hydration

    Water is the single most important nutrient your horse requires. Water makes up about 65% of an adult horse’s body weight, meaning for a 1,000-pound horse, 650 pounds is water! This water is distributed within the cells, blood, and fluid-containing organs like the stomach and bladder. 
  • 6 Great Ways to Keep the Flies at Bay this Summer

    Flies are a nuisance that come around every summer. They’re a massive pain for both horses and owners, and they can turn peaceful barn time into a huge drag. But not to worry- there are some simple ways to cut down on these pests this summer!
  • Horse Show Essentials under $50

    Show season is right around the corner! It’s almost time to pack up and hit the road to your favorite western show. While getting ready for horse shows can be very exciting, the preparation is extensive. 
  • Cinching Up To Ride

    After a long winter saddles and equipment need a little TLC.  It is time to dig out all of the latigos and cinches in the tack room to clean them u...
  • Equine Spring Checklist

    Spring has finally arrived, the warmer weather is almost here and that means it’s time to get out and spend time with your horse. You may be headed to a horse show or you could be hitting the trails. Whatever it is you are planning, the one thing we know for sure is that the warmer weather has us feeling all the feels. #cuethehappydance
  • Holiday Extended Return Policy

    We want to make this Holiday Shopping Season the easiest ever for you.  With that said we believe all online orders should be placed before Dec 10 ...