Will This Chap Extender Work?

How Do I Know They Will Fit

These chap extenders are YKK zippers.  The YKK zipper is the most common used in chap production.  They come in lengths of 28" to 40".  This is measured by simply going from the top of the chap zipper to the very bottom.  If it is not an exact match they can be zipped in a little longer and just hang down.  The bottom of your chap should cover the extra.  Next, look on the back side of the zipper base.  There will be a number on it.   This represents the size of the zipper teeth.  If the two numbers match then they should zip up!   Our chap extenders are  26" to 36" - YKK #1038" and  40" - YKK #7.


How To Zip Them In

The first time zipping these chap extenders in is kind of like putting a puzzle together.  First, lay your chaps down flat with the zipper side facing upwards.  Next, take the chap extenders out and lay flat with the seam in the back facing down.  Notice that one will have the part you insert at top and the other will have it at the bottom.  Take the one with the insert part of the zipper and insert it into the zipper of the chap.   Pull down to secure the zipper to the chap.  Then the other side of the chap extender will insert into the chaps themselves to close!  

Trouble Shoot

Although this method works 99% of the time, I have a few cases that it will not.  I have an old pair of chaps that are decades old.  They do have the YKK zipper in them and I paired them with the correct teeth size.  They simply would not zip in.  once I looked closely to teeth on my old chaps I noticed they were worn down.  Since the chap extenders have brand new teeth they did were not compatible with the worn out teeth on my chaps.