Western Holiday Stocking Stuffer Checklist

For a cowboy or cowgirl the Western Lifestyle is all they know.  It starts with early mornings and ends late at night.  Relaxing at home does not come until all of the livestock is cared for.  

So, what can we get this person that always puts others in front of their needs.  Well, we complied a list of stocking stuffers to make their time at home soothing.

Yellowstone Wax Melts

These wax melts have amazing scents that will put a smile on anyone's face as soon as the aroma hits the nose.  Choose from Campfire Suede, Paradise Valley and Pinecest Ridge (my fav).  These wax melts were created with essential oils

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House slippers are a must for boot wearn' cowboys.  Those boots have been put to the test of farm life since early morning.  Once they pop them off the cowboy needs a nice fuzzy slipper to stroll around the house.  Bonus...this will make his wife happy to not track in all the muck on the bottoms of the boots!

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A knife is an essential of everyday life for a true cowboy.  He will start the morning by cutting baler twine to feed to livestock.  I'm not sure how many times per day that a cowboy pulls his knife out to get the job at hand completed. 

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Ball Cap

Although the cowboy hat is the preferred head gear for daily activies he does like to slip into a ball cap for more casual times. 

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