Cuttin, Barrel Racing, Reining & Ranch Riding Deluxe Tops

We have got some great Ranch Riding and Reining tops in!  I love all the looks for this season.  Teals and browns are dominating our floor.  With good reason, they look great on all types of horses.  Not to mention it is a pretty color combination.   

Why are these shirts these shirts so great to ride in?  They are designed for it!  They have longer tails than a normal shirt off the rack.  The arms are longer and they offer a shoulder that will not restrain you.  Sure, there are many price point shirts out in the malls that would look great to show in.  However, you will be fighting the untucked tail and the high water arms.  (yea - I made that up.  I mean if you have high water pants why not high water arms? At least you get the idea)  

These combos offer a western look that is timeless.  Most are a cotton base that can be starched up for a crisp show ring look.  

Don't wait...many of these shirts are seasonal and won't last long!

Now that you are in the know, please enjoy free shipping on your next top...

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