Impact Of The Horse Industry

I'm sure you know how it is, you tell someone you have a horse (or three).   They reply "oh that's nice".    This person has no idea of the impact the horse business has.  I see it first hand here.  We have a show facility by our store.  We host all sorts of events.  Every weekend a different group of people come from afar to compete.  Die hard horse people drive hundreds of miles to see friends, prep the ponies and usually get no sleep.  Then go do it again the next weekend. 

Our small facility is located in a town of a mere 6,000 residents.  It is a small town with a few GREAT restaurants and hotels.  In the last three weeks we have brought over 9,000 people to our facility.  That is more people than reside in our whole town!  And in only the last three weeks.  Granted, we had a very  unusual event here last week (a Circus).   They never would have come to this area if we did not have an arena large enough to hold them. 

This week we have a Ranch Sortjng.   Trailers rolled in starting Wednesday  from Missouri, New York, Colorado, Texas, Illinois!    That's all that I drove around to see.  We love to see these people come int town as it helps our base business.    

Our industry gets people out and about. Have you Ever heard of the Quarter Horse Congress?  In 2017 it brought $327 million to the City of Columbus, Ohio.  Million, yes! I know our facility has an impact on our town.  Local restaurant owners will shout at me to see what event is coming in and try to staff properly.   

Simple food for thought of how much our horses have a large impact on local communities.