How A Shirt Can Impact The Look Of A Vest

The most perfect combinations happens on accident.   We can sit and create looks, design garments and custom die fabrics.   However, sometimes the ones that come by accident and the best and most perfect fit. 

We had a customer ask to put a shirt under a vest and take a photo.  So we did.  Then, we stepped back and said "that was meant to be together".  It is so perfect it is as if it were died to match.  The silk winning shirt in Jade makes the Laura May vest complete.  This happens to be our most popular vest.  It is stunning by itself.  I had always put a black or an ivory shirt with it.  The green matches so perfect and it makes the outfit look complete.  It looks expensive.  And the best part...shirt and vest is only 284.95.  Under $300 for a custom look! This also works well (if not better) with the Laura in chocolate.  

We added the silk shirts to our line over the Holiday season.  Our customers love them and have come back for more.  I personally like the way the shirt fits and I love the look of it under a vest.  It offers a sheen that is very classy.  The shirt is set off by crystal buttons.  So, it is also stunning by itself. not try to iron it!  I made that mistake.   I am not very domesticated. We use a handheld streamer to release the wrinkles.  

So..if you have a Laura or Laura May vest OR any other of our vests for that matter and want to try this really cool silk show shirt Use Code: thenewlookwithlaura to take 15% off all the silk winning show shirts!