Being Ready to go show!

A few months ago I made a blog about get your stuff ready now.   Make sure you have your hat, chaps and even the bobby pins ready to roll.  In that same blog I said it will be me that isn't ready.  Well, guess what? I wasn't...I called it a few months ago.  

The first Reining show for myself and my husband came along last weekend.   We fumble to find the papers, membership cards and what not.  However, we did have it all and was able to get entered.  Got the horse rode and schooled.  He's ready to go.  My husband is going to show him in the Rookie (yes, I am a great wife to let him show my - I mean our - horse).  I find a show pad and a shirt for him to match.  I text him and ask where his hat is.  He replies in the tack room.  I drop to my knees laughing.  This straw hat has been in the tack room under god know what all year.  It is as bad as bad gets.  Not to mention it IS NOT straw season.  I mean come on!  We are the ones with a western store.  This is how we roll.  So, at this point at least it is a hat to be legal.  We have one goal.  Enter and get a score.  That is all we need today. 

So I go back to the horse.  I like to use polo wraps on the front and back.  I open my rubbermade drawer that they are all rolled up in.  I do not have one clean one anywhere.  Not one.  So I brush off as much dirt as I can.  NOTE:  Buy a new set of wraps for the show bin.  I put black tape around the top...thank goodness I have that.  A quick wipe down and he is ready to roll.  

My husband gets him and takes him to the warm up pen.  I'm like where are your chaps.  He says "I don't know".   HUH?  So now, not only does his hat look like one off of Urban Cowboy...he doesn't have any chaps..  Oh I do love him.  The horse only needed cruised through the class so I rolled my eyes and laughed about it. 

I am currently getting stocked for his next show so we can be better prepared!