Dressing For The 4-H Season!!

      When getting ready for the chaos that is 4-H season we know that you want shopping for the clothes to be the least stressful part.  Over here at Henderson's we do our best to carry everything that you could need to help you have a successful season.  

   Every year we know that the fair season is coming because our shipments of white shirts come it!!  They are used primarily for showing chickens, rabbits, and dairy.

Girls White Shirt

Boys White Shirt

     Of course when showing other projects you want your kiddo to look their best in a colorful shirt!  We have tons! The most popular color that we sell has to be blue, its classic and looks great in the show pen!

Girls Shirts

Boys Shirts

     A nice pair of jeans is also a must for all showing, looking put together in a new pair of jeans makes everyone feel more confident!!

Girls Jeans

Boys Jeans

    Now the most important part of ANY outfit!  The Boots!!!  We carry lots of childrens boots.  We carry brands all the way from Anderson Bean to Old West in childrens boots, so that you have plenty of options in a large price range.  We understand not wanting to break the bank on boots for your kiddo, especially while they are growing like a weed!!!  Some of my favorite boots we have are these Dan Post boots , though I am partial to that brand myself and these super cute Anderson Beans!

Here is our whole collection of Kids Boots.

If you live close enough to out store to stop in we offer a 4-H discount that you can use!  The discount is 10% regular priced items and it runs May, June, July, and August.  We hope to see you!!