Cinching Up To Ride

After a long winter saddles and equipment need a little TLC.  It is time to dig out all of the latigos and cinches in the tack room to clean them up.  It is import to clean and condition the leather working parts of your saddle.  Leather can become brittle over time and needs to have routine maintenance.  You will also want to check the nylon ones for rips or thinning.   

Choosing the right cinch is import as well.  There are a lot of options  for you and your horse.  Some horses have sensitive skin so a natural fiber girth like a mohair 

Click HERE to view Classic Equine Mohair Girth  or The Sensor Flex Cinch from Classic Equine.  This girth is also contoured for a better fit.  Click HERE to view.  

Sometimes it is hard to pull up your latigo and a little assistance would be nice.  Weaver created the Smart Cinch with rollers to help!  Making it a "cinch" to saddle up.  Click HERE to see the different types.  


Once you have established the best products for you and your horse it is time to determine the correct size.  We love this article from Weaver Leather to help! 

Click HERE to find out if you have the correct size girth for your horse.