Equine Spring Checklist

Happy Mud Madness…this is the time of year for all things mud. 😁

Spring has finally arrived, the warmer weather is almost here and that means it’s time to get out and spend time with your horse. You may be headed to a horse show or you could be hitting the trails. Whatever it is you are planning, the one thing we know for sure is that the warmer weather has us feeling all the feels. #cuethehappydance

So, we wanted to share a few helpful reminders by way of this checklist to ensure you are ready to rock and roll for the upcoming warmer season. If you have had horses for any length of time, some of this may seem like a review; however, sometimes the little things get forgotten so we are here to help!

  • Spring Vaccines & Equine Dental Care - make sure you have a copy of your Coggins in your trailer and your horse is in tip-top shape.
  • Blanket Repair - Get those winter blankets washed, repaired, and ready for storage (you can grab our blanket repair kit HERE).
  • Fly Masks - It may seem a little early, BUT it’s never too early to be prepared for those pesky flies. Make sure your fly masks are in good condition or if you need new ones, we’ve got you covered (grab a new Showman fleece fly mask HERE).
  • Clean Your Grooming Kit - Nasty germs and bacteria can build up in your grooming tote, brushes, and hoof pick. Take time to soak them all in a bucket of warm water with your choice of one of these ingredients: dish soap, bleach, vinegar, or even add a moderate amount of Listerine® mouthwash to the wash water which smells nice and kills bacteria. While you are at it, you can also clean and sanitize grain and water buckets too!
  • Tidy Up Your Tack - Spring is a great time to make sure you take inventory of all of your leather, bits, halters, saddle pads, and other training aids to ensure they have all the pieces, are clean, and put together properly. Of course, if you need something new, you can count on us to outfit you with what you need to perform and look your best.
  • Dewormers - Make sure you have your spring and summer wormers on hand to ensure you don’t fall behind on that important task.
  • Declutter + Tidy Up - Schedule a day to walk through your barn and horse trailer and organize those areas. The mayhem of the winter months likely has things in a bit of disarray. It might be hay twine laying around, broken buckets, loose latches, or just a pile of tack strewn about. Whatever it may be, taking a day to declutter and organize those spaces will have you feeling ready for your next adventure. 
  • Stock Up On The Essentials - Is there anything that makes you feel better than giving your horse that first bath once the weather breaks? The feeling of getting all that grime and dirt off from the wicked winter months. Taking inventory of your bathing and hoof care items now will have you ready to break out the hose once that 80-degree day hits! Don’t forget sponges, rags, and a shedding blade too!
  • Equipment Maintenance - Spring is the perfect time to check the air pressure on wheelbarrow tires and make sure all of your barn equipment is in tip-top shape. It might be an oil change for the tractor, applying WD40 where needed, or fixing that broken pitchfork that has been bugging you all winter. Taking this time to ensure everything is in perfect working order will save time and headaches in the height of the summer fun.

We hope these simple tips serve as a friendly reminder of what you need to accomplish so you can enjoy more time with your horse knowing everything is in perfect order. Here’s to warmer weather, cleaner barns, more tidy trailers, and happy horses!