Horse Show Essentials under $50

Show season is right around the corner! It’s almost time to pack up and hit the road to your favorite western show. While getting ready for horse shows can be very exciting, the preparation is extensive. 

You have to get your supplies, your horse’s supplies, your trailer, and all of the little elements cleaned, packed, and ready to travel. It can be easy to forget an item or two! 

Here are some essential but fun items we recommend for western horse shows.

Horse Essentials

A trailer tie is one of the most common items people forget when packing for a horse show. These handy ties are great for tying your horse in the trailer, outside the trailer, or tying up hay or water buckets. We always recommend checking your current trailer tie before hitting the road (especially if you have a chewer in the trailer!). You don’t want to be on the road and find your trailer tie is broken.

If you are trailering in for a day show and won’t have access to a stall, a trailer grooming bag can be a lifesaver! These bags can hang from your tack room door and keep all of your grooming items organized and within easy reach. These can also be moved and hung from fences or walls and save you from digging around in the bottom of your grooming box.

After spending hours bathing your horse and preparing them, the last thing you want is for them to get dirty on the way to the show. Spraying a bit of Showsheen on your horse after they dry can help keep them shiny but won’t necessarily keep the dirt off. We recommend a combination of a light cooler or sheet and a tail wrap or bag to keep the road dust off while trailering. This will save you a lot of time when you get to the show. 

Fashion Items

Now, time for a few less essential but more fun items! 

Belt buckle sets and unique conchos are an easy way to customize your outfit, saddles, and headstalls without investing in custom tack. There are lots of fun designs and colors to match your personality, outfit of the day, and your horse.

Let’s face it, after a long day of wearing a helmet or cowboy hat; helmet hair is a real thing even when you keep it confined with a nice hair net. Rather than sticking with your cowboy hat for the night, switch to a more versatile hat option, like a straw summer hat. Bonus - this hat is extra breathable for hot summer days.

Take your blingy outfit to the next level with one of our Rodeo Drive Wild Rags/Scarf! This is a perfect look for your show outfit, at the rodeo, or during a fun night on the town. It is easily paired with your favorite conchos or a slide adaptor. 

Don't forget these fun show essentials as you are getting ready for your next show and making your packing list.