Trophy Tails Three-in-one Tail Extensions Horse Hair Professional's Choice

Trophy Tails Three-in-one Tail Extensions

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Trophy Tails by Tail Tamer are multi-functional, 100% genuine horse hair tail extensions that can be used in a variety of discliplines. The Three-in-One style offers a versatile attachment piece (loop, slip-on, or ties) to create the desire effect in the show ring. Available in a wide range of colors and weigh 1 pound. Help boost your horse's show-ring appearance for that extra "wow" factor!

Product Details:

  • Standard 1 lb weight
  • Standard 36" length
  • 100% genuine horsehair
  • Tip: For most natural results, match the extension's hair to your horse's hair at the end of the tailbone.
  • Can be dyed or trimmed for additional effect
  • Suitable for Western, Hunter/Jumper, and Dressage discliplines

Care and Storage: Trophy Tail Extensions are 100% horsehair and can be treated like a regular horse's tail. Will stand up to being washed, conditioned, sprayed, and blow-dried for a volumized look. Keep your tail in a tail extension bag when not in use to prevent tangling.