Washable Chaps? YeS!

Horses, kids, dogs, sweat and sand are all things we use to describe a horse show.  With this in mind we need items that we can take care of easily.  Wash  n go concept is a moms best friend. 

So let's talk chaps for a minute.  Chaps give your look a polished feel.  Classic black is where we urge customers to start.   The black makes a base for all of your other colors in the outfit to shine.  A black chap will also help conceal leg movements.   

Now that you have a pair and hit a few horse shows they are covered in horse hair, dust and the inside bottom has sweat on them.  It's gonna happen.  We offer an ultrasuede chap that is washer friendly.  That's right. just toss them in the washer (full instructions on product tags). 

Already have a pair of chaps?  Ohhh they are suede chaps?  No problem.  My mom used to wash them as well.  She used a bunch of fabric softener in the wash with them.  She also used a product called PePeDe that was formulated for washing suede leather.  They came out amazing everytime.  I also liked to change my mind on colors every year.  So she would just wash them with Rit dye to change up the color.  Keep in mind I went from a light color to dark and not the other way around.  

Don't worry anout those chaps.  They are hardy and we can keep them looking great! 

Check out these ultrasuede chaps we have in stock! here