Black Boots and Show Season

Do I need a pair of black boots to show in?  We hear this all the time.  YES!  You need a pair of black boots for show season.  

Are you going to be doing showmanship?  If you are then most likely you have a pair of black showmanship pants.  They NEED black boots!  Do you have black chaps?  They are the basis for any riding event.  They NEED black boots.  

The next issue we hear is... They have white stitching and leather showing.  That's ok.  The first time you wear them out the stitching is going to get dirty.   It is just a fact of life.   However, if you wish to have a very sleek all black look we can help you fix that.  A bottle of leather dye is just a couple of dollars.  Simply take the sponge applicator over those edge and you have a sleek all black pair of boots.  Now, speaking of black dye.  You can also take an old pair of nice looking boots and dye them black!  Yep, it works every time.  Simple and easy to do.  Make sure you have the boots super clean.  Follow the instructions for the dye.  My friend just did a pair of Twisted X black to wear to work.  You wouldn't know they did not come that way!

It is time to start with the basics.  Black boots.  Black plants and black chaps.  The rest will fall together.  


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