Ranchy...Ranch Riding Attire

Ranch Riding is the most popular class at an AQHA show.  Heck, its the fastest growing class at any show.  It is intended to portray the western working horse.

Perfect!  It looks fun.  Now, what do I wear?  Due to fact that they want to show the ability of the horse working on a ranch you should keep your out simple.  Keep it western.  A plain shirt with a pop of color from a wild rag is a great option.  A wild rag?  What the heck?  A wild rag is a large scarf that buckaroos wear on the ranch.  It keeps them warm and their neck and sometimes face protected from cold and wind.   In the show pen...it's for pretty!  I also love a classic retro shirt for the ranch riding.  The shirts make a bold statement without being overdone.

What you do not want to do is bling or sequins or anything shiney. Including silver on saddles or headstalls!  Keep the look true to working on a ranch!

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