Every child needs a pair of cowboy boots!

Were you one of those kids growing up that wanted to play cowboys and Indians?  It was a great time we grew up.  Simplistic.  Good guys and bad guys.  And...guys saving the day on horseback.  I grew up (and still reside) close to the home of Leonard Slye.  Don't know who that is??  Don't worry...I didn't either until the other night.   I knew him as Roy Rogers.  One of our many claims to fame in Southern Ohio.   My dad picked up a load of horses the other night and said it was one road up from Leonards house.  I am like.."is he a customer of ours?"  My father shook his head and said, "dear...that is Roy Rogers."

We want the lil buckaroos of today to live out these fantasies.  We also know that kids grow really quick!  Therefore, we offer many kids boots under $40!  Yes...you heard me, under $40!  Let them take off in the mud.  Let them take off scarping the toes of the boots.  It's ok!