Live FB Auction 1/19/21

Live Auction Starts at 7 pm EST

Located at Henderson's Western Store FB page 

Here is how it will work.

We will present an item.  A timer will start with 2 min of bidding time.  Please use this time to ask questions.

Bids will start at $5 and must go in $5 increments. To bid on an item include the item number and bid  (i.e. A105 $15) This means you have bid on auction item 105 for the amount of $15.  *** Note - There will be a delay between your bid and when we receive it!  I strongly suggest NOT to wait till the time clock run out!  This will not be a perfect set up but we will be as close and as fair as possible!  We will announce the winner of that item.  Once you have won the item we will PM you a link to purchase the item.  Items will be invoiced as you would purchase through our website.  Shipping costs will be determined by package weight.  **NOTE a single vest is apx $9 to ship Priority and $5 to mail First Class.  You get to pick!  If you purchase multiple items or even shop more on our website then orders $250+ ship FREE in USA.  Ohio Residents are subject to sales taxes.  

EACH bid you place will enter you into a drawing for a chance to win a NEW All-In-One Shirt!!!!  

Happy bidding and happy shopping!