Cowboy Christmas Spirit

I just helped a twenty something boy pick out the perfect pair of Corral boots for his girlfriend.  I wrapped them up pretty for her.  This gives me the best satisfaction of knowing I just made his Holidays.  He reminds me of a boy I met many many years ago.  This boy called in a panic to find a pair of Roper boots for his significant other.  He had not been able to find them anywhere (this was before online shopping).  We had them!   He came right away to pick them up and I loaded him up with an armful of gifts for her.  Not only did he thank me for completing his Christmas list, we became friends!

Everyday we get to help customers pick out that special item.  I wrap it up and can envision someone unwrapping it. To me Christmas is about someone finding joy in the Cowboy lifestyle.  It could be a child getting their first pair boots and a rope.  Or an adult unwrapping a pair of boots.  

I am so blessed to be a part of a small town family business that has helped locals for over 5 decades! 

Thank you to each and everyone of you that has touched our family in one way or another.  Merry Christmas to you!