RESCHEDULED It's gonna be our 50th Anniversary and we are gonna throw a party!!!!! March 9

That's right on Feb 23 Henderson's will have been around for 50 years!  That is incredible in this day and age.  

Here is the backstory...

Jerry Henderson was born and raised in Jackson, Ohio.  He was the youngest of 7!  At a young age he started he trading horses.  It quickly became his passion.  He traveled to sales near and far.  As he sold horses he realized they needed tack for their new purchase.   He started with a few items in a horse stall and out grew that space immediately. 

He started selling tack at the horse sales and became a local favorite.   He even met his wife, Bev, at one.  After they were married they started building their business.  They serviced the local tri state area for equestrian needs.  

In 1994 they built Henderson's Arena.  An equestrian show place for the tri state area.  They host a variety of events including Barrel Racing, Reining, Walking Horse, Sales, Ranch horse and much more.  

They still stand on the same principals as when they started, "We firmly believe that only the horse should be broke." 

SOOOOO...50 years later on the 28th of February we will have a party!  In fact, I wanted to make it adventurous (just like they have been).  We will have a Casino Murder Mystery Night!!!!!

Stay tuned for more details!