Horseshow Family

I am sure you have probably heard the phrase by now.   But why do we make sure a big deal about it?  Our horseshow family is a community of people that all come together for a common interest.   We all share the passion of the horses.   We have a common goal and common morals.    The horse show family is a hard working and goal driven group.   Most importantly, we are all here for the love of the horses.

  We associate with one another due to all of these factors.   Our family resides all across the country.   Even across the globe. We have the ability to pick up where we left off with one another no matter how long it’s been. This family helps us when we need it, supports us during the lows and is the first one to jump up and down to congratulate us.  They understand why we get up early in freezing weather to feed our loved ones.   They understand why we saddle up after an exhausting day of work.   They understand why we devote the hours.  

We strive to serve the greater good of the industry.  I have been in Las Vegas this weekend for a summit   At this summit every person talked about their horse show family.   From every corner of the USA and Canada we unite and think as one.   These dictated members are my family.   The members here today are the ones behind the scenes sculpting our horse show community.   As we may have just been formally introduced we are all a part of that community.  Thank you to NRHA and Montana Silversmiths for brining us together.

This family, has been my family for many years.  I am so blessed to have them.