Horsemanship Shirts...Why are there open and closed seams for the DIY Base?

Who loves a beautiful Horsemanship Shirt?   I sure do!    They can simple with a few stones or over the top with appliqués and stones.  Our DIY base is made from four way stretchy ponte.  It is a nice weight to hold up with the appliqué.   The ponte knot also offers a ton of breathability.  

Now, for the big question...why is there an option of open or closed seams?  Well... we wanted our customers to have a choice. They can pick the closed seams and totally roll with it.   Add appliqué to the front, collar, cuff.  Now, it is hard to get into the sleeve with a closed seam.   That’s why we also offer the open seam.   For those that want to make a design all the way down the sleeve this is the way to go!  It fits on the sewing machine nicely for your creative custom look.  Then, you also have the ability to make the garmet Moreno of a custom form fit as a bonus.  

So, there you have it.  The how and why to the open and closed seam Horsemanship DIY blank shirt! 

here is our black base offered at $99.50 

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