Why Anderson Bean Boots made me a boot snob.

First off, the boots speak for themselves.  The look.  The quality.  And best yet their customer service.   Anderson Bean western boots have been handmade in Texas since 1989 by the founders of Rios Of Mercedes.  

I got my first pair of "Rios" in the mid nineties (man that makes me feel old typing that out).  My mom took me boot shopping at The Congress.  I picked a pair out from Harris saddlery.  I probably wore those boots EVERY.  SINGLE.  DAY.  I wore them to the point my mom threw them away for me.  I loved those boots.   They were my first pair of good handmade boots.  I have been spoiled ever since.  

Fast forward a few years and I am still wearing the handmade boots.  Although they are not the Rios, Anderson Bean is directly beside Rios and Incorporates the same values into building boots.   They are made from the best leathers to start with and each element of their design has a purpose and functionally.   Did you know that they add an extra channel in the sole of the boot so that when it is resoled the new sole goes on just like the old one.  My favorite part of the boot is the fact that the upper foot layer and the inside foot layer are not attached.  This means as the boot expands and contracts each leather can do so independently.  Hence the best fit out there.  

There you have it.  You know know why I am a boot snob!

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