Western Cowboy Boots for modern times.

What type of western cowboy boot do I need to show in?  Well, the good news is about anything goes.  I like for a boot to have a nice CLEAN sleek look.   I highlighted clean because any western cowboy boot will do as long as they look nice.  My preference is square toe.  Not only is it fashionable but I have a wider foot so I prefer the feel of the boot. I also like to have a "walking" heel.  Not to big. And I also look for a boot does not have a thick sole.  This is because I can feel my horse better in my stirrups.  These are all personal preferences to help me be the best I can be on show day!

Within this style of boot there is a 1,000+ options out there.   I call myself a boot snob.  Yes...I'm gonna admit it.  I have been blessed to have nice handmade USA boots and I have been totally spoiled.  Once you go there you can't go back.  It's true.  Anderson Bean Boots are made in USA just like they did way back when.  Here are some that we offer in store - - these are all designed by..ME!   https://hendersonswesternstore.com/search?q=anderson+bean

I have also always been a fan of Justin boots.  I mean it is an american icon.  Justin tends to make a wider boot (which fits me better).  I do have a pair of square toe ostrich Justin boots that are 12 years old.  I still wear them to this day!  Yes, they have had a few new soles but they have been a darn good pair of boots.  Here is the Justin boot collection we have in store. https://hendersonswesternstore.com/search?q=justin+boot

Dan Post and Laredo (same co Like Chevy and GMC) are among my fav.  All of my dress up to go out boots are Dan Post.  They have great styles!  The Laredo brand gives you the look at a very affordable price!  https://hendersonswesternstore.com/search?q=dan+post


So, now you are in the know about boots!  Enjoy free shipping on your next pair with code: intheknow