Weekend Show Pads at $99+ vs The Ultimate Edition at $169+

So many Show Pads.  One can never have to many western show pads!!!  One for each outfit.  The show pad sets an outfit off or can break it.  You want a pad to coordinate with your outfit vs competing it.   

We offer our our show pads in a variety of sizes and price points.  Why so many options?  Well, that way there is something for everyone.  Our pads range in sizes from 34x36", 34x38", 34x40", 34x42".  Every horse size and every saddle size is covered.  From the extra large pleasure show saddles to a smaller reining saddle like I ride. 

Now, we can get to the question of why the different price points?  Well, again, something for everyone.  Some of our customers need a high look that has long term durability.  Others want something that look great for the season and not break the bank.  The Weekend Edition is apx 4 lb weight with wear leathers.  As it has a nice weave.  The Ultimate is just that.  It is a heavyweight apx 8 lbs and very tight weaved.  This too has wear leathers.  Both pads come with a clear case for storage as well.  

Now you can be the judge.  What will it be for you??