We will remain open for feed sales...here is how!

This pandemic has turned everything upside down!  After today, 3/23/2020, we will be closing our showroom floor.  However, we still want to provide our community with livestock feed needs.  So, you can still order a few ways and get curbside pickup.  First, you can always call us and place an order.  Just like old school pizza take out!  Or you can send a text to 901-289-7592. 

ORRRRRRRR order online and pickup in the dirve-thru! Yes...just like ordering a pizza now.  We are currently adding all of the feed items to our website www.hendersonswesternstore.com.  

With that said we are not offering delivery or shipping on feed items.  Curbside pick up only.  So use code: CURBSIDE at checkout for the shipping not to calculate.  We will get it together and have it ready upon your arrival.  

We want to try to make this crisis as easy and safe for everyone.