We are kicking off this morning with the high school rodeo at Hendersons Arena.  Kids from a far have been out all morning with their ropes and horses practicing!  

Miss Joyce has pies, pumpkin rolls, chili and made from scratch chicken noodles!!!  A great way to warm up today!!

We still are going Kimes crazy!!! In store and online 20% off all Kimes items.  Online code: Kimesfriday

Dony need Kimes?  Go to your desktop and Spin The Wheel for a random discount!!! 

We will be having a Live Sale on our Facebook Group (Hendersons New finds & Auction Items) on Thursday.  I also hope to post some auction items there on Monday!!  Keep your eyes out. 

ohhhhhhh...I also heard that we have a special product ((that all of the horse show peeps have been asking for)) taht will be here around the first part of December.  Sooo stinkin exciting!!

I hope everyone has a great weekend!