The New Horse Show Normal?

Horse showing enthusiasts have been waiting to get back into the show pen.  I was going to say patiently, however, I am not sure that is the case.  Those of us that love to ride and compete have lost a whole spring season of events. It is unfathomable that we are not able to go to our horse shows.  

Many have trained long and hard and pushed themselves to have the best year yet.   Blood, sweat and tears have been shed to fulfill a dream.  Not to mention lots of cash $$$!  We have been asked to sit at home with our new horses, trailers, saddles, clothing and skills.  We look at those old trophies sitting on the mantel and wonder when the next one will be coming to fill the empty space.

Many have done virtual shows.  Hey, at least there is a way can sit tall and test out those new skills.  Although, It's still not the same.  It's not the same as hooking up that trailer and heading to a horse show.  The best stories come from the road!  We Driving through the night to hit the Waffle House (or awful waffle as I call it).  Then stop at our  favorite truck stop along the way.  I've even learned how to change a tire or two in my travels.  

We finally make it!  Now it is time to bust open those shavings and make our ponies feel like it is home away from home.  The sweat is rolling done our backs and our jeans have shavings dust around the bottom five inches.  Now it’s time to check yourself into the hotel or set up camp.  This last time to catch some z'sss.  The horse show is starting!  So do the midnight rides.  These rides in the middle of the night are the best.  The fresh air awakens the senses and you can connect with your partner.  

By the time the actual class comes around you have already made your memories.  Had fun, shared some laughed and living on caffeine and sweet shop cinnamon rolls (those that have done QHC).  It is so much more than the class. 

What is our new normal going to look like?  I sure hope it looks like the memories I have going up and down the road.  For now, everyone is being asked to stay in their barns with their group.  Pre entering to discourage gathering in the entry office.  No parties or socialization.  No spectators to cheer you on.  No groups of 10 or more.  No hanging out in the make up pens watching everyone prepare.  

We can do it and still make the most of it.  We can still go and create new memories.  Ones we will laugh about for many years to come.  We can still go and show our ponies to best of our abilities.  We can make it work.  We can work together to comply with facility and state requirements.  Be nice, be kind and be happy we are able to be here. 


Click HERE  for a list of re-opening guidelines for Henderson's Arena