Sunday is a FUNDAY to make a new pattern! Who wants a Showmanship Jacket?

What do we do in Ohio on a winters day?  Make a new show clothing pattern!  Yes, you heard me right.  Make the pattern! We make all of the Cowgirl Junk show clothing from start to finish in Ohio!!!!

I have had MANY customers ask for this one.  With everything in everyday life I simply had not got to it yet.  Ever had one of those projects that you know will be a long undertaking?  They tend to get put to the side.

No more of that!  We are off and rolling now.  This will be a showmanship jacket!!!  I am really excited for this one.  I have wanted to do one for awhile now.  I have had the opportunity to talk with a lot of gals about what they would like to see in it.  I hope it will not disappoint.  All of us at Cowgirl Junk take pride that the finished product turns out perfect. 

Short back history on the development of Cowgirl Junk.  I simply wanted a vest made.  I got my grandmothers sewing machine and broke the needle before I even got started!  So I sought out a gal to help with the sewing.  She has been an absolute blessing.   I only thought that I was OCD and particular.  She has me beat hands down!  She has also totally spoiled me.  I have tried to scale what we were doing with others.  They simply didn't pay attention to detail as she did.   Sometimes on our website you will find a prototype, typically at a great price.  These are where we are trying new sewers or designs.  Even some fabrics that do not turn out as we thought they would.  Good news for you...they are offered at great deals!

As I wanted to start with a vest pattern I didn't (at that time) know where to get one.  Now you can purchase them at our store.  SO, I got some big paper rolls out and started making a pattern.   We would sew one up, make tweaks until we perfected what we had.   This is the same thing I am doing for the showmanship jacket. Today,  will be the first go.  Stay tuned for updates to see how it turns out!