Something to say about the Horse Community

Why horse people are just down right better. We have been serving Southern Ohio in equine needs for fifty plus years now. You bet we have heard and seen about all of it! Every year there are new sets of parents that get overwhelmed. I can see it in there eye and hear it in those voices as they are re-thinking the whole situation. “Daddy can I have a horse?” Sounds so innocent. The good parents out there oblige and make their child’s dreams come true.
Then reality hits. They have their first walk through the tack store. Eyes widen as they can not Fathom a single horse could use this much stuff. Very gently we try to talk them off the ledge and back to ground zero.
My spill starts like this... “Ya know horses teach children a great responsibility. As a child I cared for my own horse.” The wheels start rolling and we continue on to thoughts like “ When you go to a horse show a child is safe and cared for by all of the parents. It is a whole community that comes together.” At this point the feet are starting to back track and step down.
We live in a world where many parents have to send their kids to rehab. Children that grow up around horses don’t even have time to get messed up with that crowd! So my next point to new parents is that horses really are cheAper than rehab.
It’s just a great community. With great people. We laugh together and sometimes cry together. However we are always there for one another.
Which brings me to the picture. During this time of crisis is our nation people are getting knocked down over toilet paper at stores. However, my attorney friend pointed out to me that these three rolls of tp have been in our ladies room from the start. Yes. It is a minor thing. However at this point in time speaks volumes about our community. I am proud to be a part of it. I am
Proud to serve our community with their needs. I Thank each one of you that has stood with us. Xoxo -Beth