Show Stopping Vests

Have you checked out all our amazing new Show Vests that's been put online? We have some of our signature scoop necks, Pre-Order vests, and DIYs that are fantastic. The best part is they are all made in the USA By Cowgirl Junk, located in Southern Ohio!!! 

We have many styles and prints to choose from. From plain, to classic, and we have sheer vests also. They can be as blinked out as you'd like, or as simple as a fee stripes or maybe you enjoy just a nice solid color Show shirt for the arena. No matter your taste, we have you covered! 

We offer FREE shipping in the US on orders of $250 or more! And you can also catch a link for a code every so often. 

Click here to start shooting now! You will be highly satisfied with the quality and quantity of our Show clothing. As always, our motto is: WE FIRMLY BELIEVE THAT ONLY HORSE SHOULD BE BROKE!! 

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