Show Season is around the corner....Are you ready?

It's gonna be here soon.  Well, maybe already here if you live in the south!   So, Do you have your checklist?  Be sure to stock up before you get to the show!!!!  

Start thinking now about the goals you wish to accomplish.   Do not try to reach those all at once.  Small wins are the best ones for you and your horse.  

I have been Pintresting some cool exercises to do with mine this winter.  I like to keep them fresh and thinking all year.  It does not have to be a part of what you show, just something that they will respond to you.  

Go get in that trailer and start your pre show cleaning.  Write down what you need to stock it up!  This is defiantly more important than that grocery list. #letsmakehorseshowinggreatagain ((I have a futurity horse named Trump...he is yellow))