Ladies, if you have not been on our webpage lately or in the store, you HAVE to take the time. We are getting some awesome new arrivals in. We have gotten new earrings in and they are awesome! You will miss out because I have a feeling these will go FAST! instoresezzel Cowgirl junk jewelry is one of my faves! and these new earrings are the reason why. Always something new and it stands out! They truly are statement pieces! This year we are going bigger and bolder and I can't be happier y'all.

We have so many new arrivals rolling in and we love each one more than the last! We love seeing all the new items because that means we are stocking our shelves for our peeps. We carefully select items that we know our customers will love and can be used with multiple looks. Cowgirl Junk Jewelry has some stunning looks and we want to make sure we have the best in our store and online. Our customers are our top priority and we love making them happy bu dressing them in nothing but high-quality clothing and top of the line accessories. 

We offer codes and such hidden threw out most of our previous blog posts and we love to get messages from our customers on their likes and dislikes on our products. We take tips given to us and we try to make it easier and better for our customers. 

If you click on the link provided below, it will take you to our Henderson's Western Store Online Sales page. Take a look and see what we can help you with :) 

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