Let's Get Ready For Show Season

I don't know about you, but I am ready for some horse showing!  Let's kick off this year right with some new bling.  A well planned outfit is essential for many reasons.  Yes, I said many reasons.  It is not just to look good.  

Looking good is a large part of it.  Your appearance is THE first impression to the judge.  You only  get one of those.  This impression can set the tone for your entire performance. 

However, it is also essential to have all of your things lined up and ready to go.  Let me tell you a story.... It was my first time showing at The NRBC, and the second show I went to with my new trainer.  The day before my first go he asked me if I had all of my show clothes in the tack room.  Keep in mind that they put transported my outfit because I flew in.  I said "yes, I have everything".  I got to my room that night and realized that I forgot to check and see if my chaps were there.  I fretted all night about it!  Moral of the story...have everything lined out and ready to go.  We all need a good nights rest before a big event.  

This weekend we are here to help you put that great first impression outfit together.  Buy any Cowgirl Junk vest over $100 and get a Fitted Zip shirt 50% off.  Let's go ahead and start planning that perfect outfit!  Also please note that if you do not see something that you love, we can source fabric and make it for you!

The website will automatically take the discount at checkout:)  Happy shopping.