Well, I love to travel to find new and exciting things for the store.  On this trip I have made my way out to LA.  I have hooked up with a great group of gals that all have boutiques.  I will also be working to source new fabrics for show clothing.  I hope to find all kinds of cool trim as well for them.  I think this will be a fun and adventurous next couple of days. 

However, i will not be doing any lives while I am out here.  Instead, I will post photos and keep everyone up to date on the progress. 

The girls are all at the store getting ready for our Black Friday, Small Biz Saturday and just Holiday specials in general.  If you are close stop out cause I heard they were gonna mark A  LOT of boots WAY down while I am gone!!!

OHHHHHH and go to our Facebook Page, Henderson's Western Store and vote if you would like us to host a Kids Bouncy Bull Buckout!!!  I think it will be super fun and I am already getting excited.