Its all about Boots this week

Starting tomorrow I will choose a pair of boots each day to talk about and how they fit and feel. Who they are made by and what they can be paired with daily. My goal each week is to stick with one certain product that we carry (brand) and give a little more in-depth detail of what it is all about. That way our customers know what quality they are getting from buying from our store. That way you guys know just as much about our product as we do and what the benefits of having them in your closet are :) I am also going to talk about some children's boots as well that we carry online and in-store as well that way you know their quality is just as important to us as adult boots.

We carry so much that we tend to forget that our customers need to know the quality of the merch as much as we do behind the scenes so to speak. Some of the brands I will be talking about are Corral, Justin, Twisted X, Roper, and many more. 

If you wanted to stay updated, follow our blog and share it with your friends and family. Because most of the time we have hidden codes in our blog for discounts at checkout online and they are worth the read to find them. If you would like to look at what we carry you can click the link that I will provide below and it will take you to our page to shop. 

We offer Free USA shipping with a purchase of $250 or more. And all our products are made in the USA. 

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