How Do I "DIY"??????

Hi guys!

If you've shopped our show clothing you've probably came across at least one of our items that are titled DIY something or another, so how do you DIY these items?? Well I'm gonna include a quick tutorial that makes it clear how easy it is to take these plain pieces & turn them into something custom, blingy, and show stopping!

 Some other tips I've learned over the years:

  1. Figure out a basic idea of what you want before you start, you can tweak it along the way but it helps a lot to have something to go off of from the get go
  2. Invest in a really great glue (we LOVE E-6000)
  3. You're going to want some tweezers for those little stones!!!!!
  4. Have fun with it!!!

On a side note, if you didn't already know we made the process a bit simpler by making prepackaged DIY kits for you, click HERE to check those out!