Fitted Zip shirt

A fitted zip is a stable for the horse show.  It has so many uses.  You can wear the shirt from the start of the day to the end.  This makes it the most valuable shirt in your closet. 

First, start with a nice clean and crisply ironed shirt.  Pair it with a pair of showmanship pants to start the day off.  Leave the shirt un-tucked and let it act as a jacket.  Pin your hair up, put a hat on and your ready to roll.  

Next, tuck it in and add a belt.  Put on your favorite chaps and you have your riding shirt.  You can make it fun by adding a scarf.  This will change up the look of the shirt.  This would be great for trail, horsemanship or western riding classes. 

Wait...the shirt is yet even more versatile..  Place a vest over it for the western pleasure classes.  Yes!  This shirt really can be worn all day long.  This makes it a very valuable staple.  

Wanna make it more interesting?  Add some bling to the cuffs and collar for your own personal look!

**We do suggest that you size up for this shirt.  It is very fitted.  And it is not recommend to wash in the washer and dryer.  Hand wash and lay flat.