Fair Season

Fair season is up on us in Ohio!   It is hot and the sun is shining.   Many memories will be made and life lessons learned. 4-H is a great way to teach children responsibility.  So lets review a few things to keep them and the animals safe. 

First, make sure you have a checklist of what is needed.  It will be a long week and many supplies will be used.  This week can be very stressful for you and your child.  Having all of the right stuff can help ease this.  You will want plenty of  fans for you and the animals.  Rabbits love bottles of ice to lay on.   

Second, mentally prep your child for what to expect.  The young ones will not have the experience to rely on.  It will be a long week and mentally exhausting.  Keeping a schedule and plenty of sleep will help this.  

Make sure they enjoy it!  This week was always the highlight of my year.  A full week of livestock animals and best friends.