DIY your Custom Show Pad

We've all been there before.  It's showtime and our outfit is not all put together.  Don't worry!  You can make a semi custom show pad from one in your trailer or one off a store rack.  

So, lets look at the charcoal and purple one in the photo.  Let's say your outfit has charcoal, purple and teal.  There is no time to make a custom and it a big event that you want to look pulled together for.  

Run into your local hobby store that sells yarn.  Pick up a turquoise that matches the outfit.  Be sure to grab a knitting tool as well.  

Get your pad out and think about the parts that will be seen.  Do not worry about where the saddle or your number will be.  In the exposed parts pick a pattern you can knit in some of the turquoise yarn. Instant custom look.  

It is easy to remove the yarn to take the pad back to the original look, simply cut it out without damaging the show pad.  

Problem solved and your off to the winners circle.