Deal of The Day #1

Ok folks...It's about to get real.  The Horse Fairs have been cancelled.  Shows across the country.  Just ciaos everywhere we look. 

So...Let's take a deep breath and make the most of it.  Who has a pile of stuff to do?  I know I do!  I keep saying "I'll add it to my list."  I do not have a physical list because I would run out of paper.  My list is pretty long.  I am gonna take this time to catch up on that ever growing list. 

One thing on mine to is do some DIY Show clothing work.  It is peaceful and I love the finished products so much.  Plus, it is the perfect project for the staycation we are all about to experience. 

I have a promo set up for BUY 2 Get 1 FREE on the DIY base collection!  That's right.  Might as well get stocked up to have some thing to do.  Find the DIY BASE COLLECTION HERE .  Buy any two items from this collection and at checkout the website will mark your third item from this collection to 0.00.  We want to give you something to do and take advantage of some down time! 

Now, in addition to this we are offering pads as well.  Because you can't get a new vest and not get a new pad to match!  Now because our system only allows one automatic discount a day I have added a discount code for the pads.  Buy 2 PADS and GET ONE 1 FREE with code: SHOWMEPADS in The Show Pad Collection HERE 

Life will return to normal.  When it does we will have our list checked off and super sweet outfits to rock!



Buy 2 Get 1 Free DIY BASES - Automatic Discount at checkout

Buy 2 Get 1 FREE SHOW PADS - Use Code: SHOWMEPADS  at checkout