Change Up Your Horses Daily Routine!

Who else is bored by now?  I have never wanted to go to a horse show so bad in my life.  And trust me...I lived for going to the horse show.  While we are all at home and hopefully riding our ponies everyday we need to change things up a bit.  They get bored too!  

A barrel horse does not need to run a set a barrels all the time.  A reiner does not need to know what a pattern looks like everyday.  Our job is to keep these horses happy and fresh. We can do this by picking new patterns to try!

I love to mix up exercises to keep them on their toes.  By adding new patterns like the diagram they will not know what to expect. " Wait....I used to run in and turn to the right, now you want me to do a serpentine?"  One barrel horse may say.  A reiner would get really confused by cutting a big circle into four small circles.   Each of these exercises are also a great way to work on the body parts. You want to have body parts that are broke free.  When this happens the rest will come easy.   This same objective will even apply to pleasure horses.  I used to do all sorts of things with my pleasure horses.  Rarely did I just lope around the arena. 

Horse showing is a total mind game.  Your focus and your horses focus. Keeping them fresh in the mind is always a winning game!

Stay safe and keep riding!

Xoxo - Beth