AHHHH....It's almost here.  How is that possible???? 

Some items need a code at checkout.  Now, our system will only take one code at a time.  If you want multiple items that need a code, call us in the store and we will hook you up.  740-988-4700

So, we have a lot of things going on.  First, is the BUY 2 GET 1 FREE Sale.  This is on the Fitted Zip Shirts (bling ones included), DIY Ultimate Vest.  Now, this one is easy.  SImply pick out three of these items (you may choose different colors and sizes).  Go to the checkout.  It will wipe the cost of one out!!! Yay.  Two for you one for a friend!

We are bringing back the Kimes 20% off EVERYTHING KIMES.  This one needs a code at checkout.  Use Code: KIMESRANCHBF

Twisted X Boots AND Shoes 15% off.  All men's, ladies and kids!!!  Now, this is for the regular prcied items only.  We do have some door buster Twisted X marked down to $35+.  Look online for those specials and in store.  Use Code:  TWISXEDXBF

Horse Show peeps....ALL Show pads are 25% off!!!!  Use Code: SHOWPADSBF

BOOTS?  Take 10% off all boots in store and online!  Use Code: BOOTSBF

Need Rain Boots?  i love mine!  They are $19.95!!!  The Scarlet Rubber Boot Use Code: RAINBOOTBF

Show Vests??  YES!!! 25% off.  USE CODE: VESTSBF


Don't forget we have the door busters in the previous blog.  More updates soon...