Black and White Horsemanship Shirts

We have great news! These black and white striped horsemanship shirts are AWESOME! And at the first of the year, we will have them in plus sizes as well!! Wooo Whooo!!! I am bias to this shirt because it is versatile! It can be blinged out or worn as is. It is for sure to make you stand out in the show arena. 

This shirt along with so many other showmanship shirts we carry are top of the line, and great material. A classic back zip horsemanship shirt in modern stripes. This shirt is made from high-quality Ponte that is made in the USA! It has a luxury feel and is begging you to add stones. We have an improved fit on this shirt and have added interface to the collar. We topped it off with a sturdy YKK zipper for the roughest of days! If anything should be called “Presidential Collection“ this is it!  The fabric offers 2” of stretch! You can NOT go wrong with these beauties!