What all can I use a Fitted Zip Shirt for?

Fitted zip shirts have become a staple part of our show clothing needs.  They are sleek looking and accent our vests perfectly.  The shirts offer a big high collar for a glamours show pen look.  These are great to wear for they are easy to zip into. 

  And everything in between.  Many take this shirt and add a scarf to it for a simple pop of color.   Others wear it under vests or jackets.  Some even wear it as a jacket un-tucked.  Definitely a lot of versatility with this shirt!

The fitted zip shirt is offer a vast amount of colors.  Colors range from black to  blues to pinks to gold and charcoal.  Take your pick!  

Note: these are very fitted and a lot of our customers like to go up a size in this shirt.  

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