Just added Royal Blue to the Bolero DIY Family!

YES!   Y'all asked for new colors in the DIY Bolero Vest.  This vibrant royal blue just came off the sewing machine.  I think it will be stunning with black appliques on it.  I really want to go take another photo of it with a black and white stripped shirt.   I think that will make it stand out! 

The DIY bases are made right here in southern Ohio.   We use a premium fabric that holds retention and offers a ton of stretch.  We also created our own pattern with the rider in mind.  The fit offers arm movement and ample bust room.  Nothing is worse than sitting on your pony and you can't move your arms and your smashed.  I mean we have lots of other stuff to worry about at this moment!  So, we have tried to take that worry away! 

Grab a base and let your creative juices flow!!