Oh my goodness!!!!! Have you seen the latest jewelry we have???  Let me tell you, it is STUNNING!!!! We got several new items in and one is just as beautiful as the next!!! We are a cowgirls dream come true when it comes to all the stunning and classy yet sophisticated jewelry!!! We have blinged out to simply elegant earrings and necklaces... Not to mention the bracelets that we also carry as well. 

Our Cowgirl Junk Jewelry is made in the USA, just like our show shirts and other apparel in store.  We keep in stock many beautiful hand-selected items that we think you ladies will love just as much as we do!! We as ladies always want that perfect accessory to go with our everyday clothing choices, and Henderson's Western Store is the place to find the best!

If you are not able to actually see these beautiful pieces in person, you can always look them up on our web page. But let me tell you pictures do no justice for our beautiful jewelry selection!!!

As always please enjoy FREE USA shipping on $250 purchase or more online. Click the link below to shop all your western needs :) 

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