Kelly Herd Channel Buckle Ring

Kelly Herd Channel Buckle Ring

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Kelly Herd Channel Buckle Ring


This breathtaking ring of bright stones and sterling silver is made by Kelly Herd, a long-celebrated designer of fine Western jewelry. The exquisite Channel Buckle is graceful and delicate, capturing the equestrian spirit in a wonderful, feminine way.


(To keep your jewelry at its best, please remember to remove it before performing heavy work.)




·         Quality .925 sterling silver

·         Plated with heavy rhodium to add a refined look and protect jewelry from elements that cause silver to tarnish

·         Cubic zirconia accent stones

·         Beautifully handcrafted buckle design

·         Perfect for special occasion or casual wear 

·         Available in three color options: Clear, Blue or Red (Clear is set with cubic zirconia, Blue and Red styles are set with richly colored, cut glass stones)

·         Gently clean with warm water, mild soap and a soft polishing cloth

·         Made in the USA

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